Can cats eat cheese crackers? Is Cheez-It safe for cats?


Cheese crackers are a very common snack that is meant for human consumption. Due to its easy availability and the variety of flavors that they are available in, cheese crackers make for a favorite snack option. Since they are so tasty, you may be wondering can cats eat cheese crackers?

Cats can eat a cheese cracker occasionally. It may seem like the ideal snack option for your cat to nibble upon. Given the cheesy flavors, most cats may like them as well. There are no known reports or studies to indicate that cheese crackers can be fatal for cats.

But like all processed foods meant for humans, it is best to avoid giving them to your cat. This is because they may contain ingredients that your cat may be allergic to. Also, the quantity of the ingredients may well over be the safe limit that is allowed for cats.

Are cheese crackers good for cats?

No, cheese crackers are not good for cats if you are thinking of giving them on a daily basis. Cheese crackers are processed foods meant for humans which are calorie-dense. This can lead to feline obesity in your cat which has a direct impact on your cat’s overall well-being.

An occasional cheese cracker as a treat is ok as long as you don’t plan to include it in your cat’s regular diet.

Can cats eat Cheez-Its?

There is no definite yes or no type of answer to this. Just like other processed baked snacks like Goldfish Crackers, Cheez-Its are not toxic to your cat and may not cause any immediate harm. But they may cause some health issues in the long run. Avoid feeding your cat any food meant for humans that have excess salts, spices, or additives. Your cat may be allergic to some of these ingredients and it may lead to various health issues.

If your cat has eaten a Cheez-It, there is no reason to panic. Observe your cat closely, if he develops visible allergic reactions like excess scratching, rashes or your cat seems to be uncomfortable, take it to a veterinarian. Most cats can tolerate Cheez-It quite well and do not develop any sort of side effects.

Can cats eat rice crackers?

Cats can have rice crackers if they are the plain variety ones with no added flavors or extra salts. The ones enriched with spices and other condiments should be avoided as they can cause allergic reactions.

Some crackers may include onions or garlic which can have a serious effect on your cat’s health.

How can I stop my cat from eating cheese crackers?

If your cat bothers you for a cheese cracker whenever you are having one, chances are you may feel obliged to give it one also. Remember, a cheese cracker occasionally may not be harmful but you may be harming your cat’s health in the long run.

So how do you stop your cat from eating cheese crackers? Well, the simple solution is to not give it to them. Remember you as the pet parent have complete control over what you give to your pet. Simply don’t give anything to your pet that you feel isn’t healthy or meant for them.

Switch to healthier alternatives to salted cheese crackers like Purina Friskies which are specially developed for cats to be given as cat treats. These are low in calories, salts, and everything that may be harmful to your cat.

Conclusion on can cats eat cheese crackers?

Try to avoid giving your cat cheese crackers if you have control over it. If not possible, you can give a small portion to your cat. But in the long run, try to switch them to healthier alternatives for their overall health and well-being.

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