Can cats eat Goldfish Crackers? What you should know


Who doesn’t enjoy some Goldfish Crackers, after all, it is the second most eaten brand of salted crackers in the United States of America. Looking at the goldfish-shaped cracker, have you ever wondered can cats eat Goldfish Crackers?

Well, there is no definitive yes or no answer to that question. If your cat consumes Goldfish crackers regularly and in large quantities, then the answer is no, you should not feed it to them. But if you give it to your cat as an occasional treat, then it is ok.

What Are Goldfish Crackers?

Goldfish Crackers are fish-shaped crackers manufactured by Pepperidge Farm. They are marketed as baked snack crackers and come in a variety of flavors and natural colors.

They are very famous in the United States of America and have a big market share. A 2020 report by Statista says that on average, an American eats 8 bags of Goldfish Crackers in a year.

Do Goldfish Crackers have goldfish in them?

Even though the name may suggest that Goldfish Crackers do not contain goldfish or any other fish as its ingredient. They are named so because they are shaped like a goldfish with eyes and a cute smile but that is where any connection to actual goldfishes end.

What are Goldfish Crackers made of?

Goldfish Crackers are sold as a baked snack crackers. Its primary ingredients include but are not limited to wheat flour, milk, salt, sugar, yeast, cheddar cheese, sunflower oil, spices, and some other additives.

All ingredients listed above are what you would typically find in a baked snack. The main cause of concern for your cat is the salt and various additives added to it. One serving of Goldfish Crackers, which is of 30 grams or 55 pieces of crackers has 250 milligrams of sodium. A cat requires no more than 21 milligrams of salt per day and the quantity in GoldFish Crackers is almost 12 times more. Given your cat may not

Is it ok for cats to eat Goldfish Crackers?

Not just Goldfish Crackers, any salted cracker brand like Cheez-It are not good for your cat’s health in the long run. The number one ingredient in Goldfish Crackers that makes them unhealthy for cats is salt. According to the Journal of Nutrition, on average, a cat needs only 21 milligrams of salt per day. More than the recommended amount of salt in a cat’s diet can cause excessive thirst or worst sodium poisoning in cats.

Are Goldfish Crackers safe for cats?

In small quantities, Goldfish Crackers are not harmful to your cat. Giving them as an occasional treat and a bit to nibble is not a cause of concern. Giving them as part of a regular diet or in large quantity can cause side effects like feline obesity, sodium poisoning, or some allergies.

Can Goldfish Crackers kill your cat?

No, Goldfish Crackers won’t kill your cat. Unless you are feeding them daily and giving them quantity that is meant for human consumption, then you are putting your cat’s health at risk. The main additive in any salted crackers is salt which can cause serious to life-threatening side effects.

Do not consider Goldfish crackers as something that you can give your cat as part of a regular diet. Also, do not make it a habit to feed them whenever you are having some crackers yourself.

Moderation and as an occasional treat is the key here to satisfy your cat’s curiosity.

What to do if your cat ate some Goldfish Crackers?

If your cat ate some Goldfish Crackers, it is not something to panic about or be concerned about unless your cat is having an allergic reaction to it.

Your cat may be allergic to some of the ingredients which are present in the crackers. In case, you see some allergic symptoms or your cat seems to be in visible discomfort, it is best to consult a veterinarian. A veterinarian will be able to assess if your cat is having an allergy and if yes, it is best to follow the prescribed medication. Avoid giving the crackers ever or you may risk putting your cat’s health at risk.

My cat likes Goldfish Crackers, what to do?

An occasional nibble or two of Goldfish Crackers is not harmful to your cat but if your cat has developed a taste for it, then it may be a cause of concern. It is better to switch to other cat-friendly varieties that may not be harmful to your cat. You can try the following alternatives.

Purina Friskies Made in USA Cat Treats, Party Mix Cheezy Craze Crunch

This cheesy alternative is a much better snack for your cat than Goldfish Crackers. It is a specifically designed cat treat so it is developed keeping in mind the cat’s required nutrients.

It is low in calories, has a great cheesy flavor which your cat will love. Its texture is crunchy which is good for cleaning teeth. It also has added minerals and vitamins.

Purina Friskies Made in USA Facilities Cat Treats

Another great option to give to your cat. This is a mix of cheese and lobster flavor, a double treat for your cat. Low in calories, full-on flavors, and nutrition. You don’t have to worry about your cat’s health when opting for these specially formulated cat treats.

Final thoughts on can cats eat Goldfish Crackers

Your cat can have the occasional Goldfish Cracker as a treat or something to nibble on. But don’t think of making it as part of your cat’s regular diet. Goldfish Crackers are snack meant for human consumption. Don’t make it part of your cat’s diet.

We have listed a few specially formulated cat treats which are more ideal for your cat. Consider them as your cat’s snack time meal.

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